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RC Informatique, offers you a new vision of portability of your data.

What is rCloud ?

rCloud is a business memory space in the cloud, particularly suitable for data exchange. The service is operated from our Geneva datacenter. The three main features of rCloud are: storage, synchronization, security.

While individuals have different web services to exchange data between users, there are no comparable services for businesses.

rCloud has been designed as a personal storage space for your business. This solution allows you to exchange data securely within or outside your organization.

The hosting of your data is exclusively based in Switzerland.

Access your data on different media

Shema rCloudStore your filesand folders, and then access this data from your various devices: mobile phones, tablets, Mac, PC or Windows laptop, Internet browsers, etc.
This synchronized data allows you unparalleled portability.

Your files follow you everywhere, with or without an Internet connection.
All operating systems are compatible with the rCloud solution.

Share your files with different contacts 

Sharing data with people outside your company is now at your fingertips.
You can send files hosted on your private area, directly by email.

Teamwork Shema rCloud

Work with your teams on the same data, as if you were using the same computer.

This solution greatly increases the efficiency of work between multiple users. The tool is ideal for sharing and exchanging information.

Your data is secure 

Shema données sécuriséesEven if you lose your laptop, your data is always stored on rCloud, and restoreable in a few clicks. 

In recent years, scandals surrounding the security of data have emerged, and made companies aware of their own IT independence. rCloud is a system completely hosted in Switzerland.

shema rCloudNeed a demonstration ?

Our team offers you a presentation of the capabilities of this system, live at home, with different media.

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